Statement on Sustainability

Eberhard Weiblen 
CEO Porsche Consulting

Today, every company bears the responsibility of leaving a livable environment for future generations and not consuming resources at the expense of others. It is important to be aware of our own footprint, to operate as efficiently as possible, and to minimize interventions in the environment as much as possible.

Porsche Consulting is determined to reduce its emissions by traveling less and working more digitally. But the real impact of management consultancy lies in our clients’ projects. Here, we have always helped clients to produce in a more efficient and intelligent way, to optimize supply chains while simultaneously highlighting sustainability, and to develop strategies that are successful in the long term. These are all core elements of sustainability. After all, most of the ideas on how we can produce goods and services in a more streamlined, careful, and ultimately better way have been around for a long time. The task for companies today is to identify the right measures and implement them quickly to scale savings. And we can help with that.

We at Porsche Consulting strongly believe that there are many excellent ideas for sustainability. But they must be implemented quickly and gain broad acceptance. After all, ideas can only take effect when they become a reality. And we need to maximize the effectiveness of these ideas to change for the better.

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