Porsche Consulting & CFGI offer unique approach to Carve-out Transactions

Creating a broader portfolio of capabilities to support the complexities of carve-out management

04.12.2023 | Article

With the prevalence of carve-outs in today's business landscape, Porsche Consulting is excited to team with CFGI, a respected leader in the world of business advisory services. This collaboration represents an expansion of our capabilities, creating a more comprehensive portfolio to support complex carve-outs at every phase of the transaction lifecycle. 

“Despite a slow M&A market this year we continue to see a significant increase in carve-out and spin-off transactions. Based on the higher interest rate environment, inflation, and other economic head winds, many corporates are focusing on their core business to create value by divesting non-core assets.” says Gregor Harman, President & CEO, Porsche Consulting North America. 

In a typical M&A engagement, multiple third-party service providers are required to carry out critical tasks throughout each phase of the transaction. This requirement drives complexity both from an operational and organizational perspective. Operationally, providers have their own discrete objectives and working modes. From an organizational standpoint each provider is also competing for a slice of the client leadership’s time.  

“Carve-out transactions are typically well structured on a strategic and organizational level. However, some lack thorough tactical and operational preparation. This enables buyers to apply negotiation pressure on sellers or include true-up or claw-back clauses in SPAs. Examples include missing site level P&Ls, murky workforce transition plans, or weak inventory health situations.” says Sebastian Lemm, Partner - Private Equity, Porsche Consulting.

The collaboration between Porsche Consulting and CFGI dramatically simplifies this landscape by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for strategic, operational, and financial transaction support. This enhancement allows for seamless engagement and focuses on maximizing value for our clients throughout the entire process. 

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Watch a recent webinar covering lessons learned on how to manage carve-outs to unleash value, in particular with view to subsequent sale.

About Porsche Consulting 
As a subsidiary of the global sports car maker Porsche, we are dedicated to delivering tangible results through operational improvements within our parent company and for our external clients. Additionally, our engagement with Private Equity investors has become a significant part of our business. Private Equity clients choose us for our pragmatic and execution-focused approach, which consistently delivers rapid, measurable, and enhanced results. 

About CFGI 
Backed by The Carlyle Group and CVC Capital Partners, CFGI is the largest independent global accounting advisory firm. They possess the capabilities of the “Big 4” but without the independence conflicts, allowing them to work closely with management teams to execute strategies effectively. 

Together, Porsche Consulting and CFGI provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for carve-outs throughout the entire transaction process. Our mission is to streamline your M&A activities and add substantial, measurable value to your business transactions. 


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Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA


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