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Consultant Automotive & Aerospace 

About Nick

What you should know about him

Nick is Consultant in our Shanghai Office and works in the Automotive & Aerospace sector of Porsche Consulting. After gaining his first project experiences as an intern, he joined Porsche Consulting China in 2021 as Consultant. 

Nick, tell us more about you!

Nick, what was your path to Porsche Consulting?

The first time I heard of Porsche Consulting was in 2018 when I was studying in Germany as an exchange student. Two years later during my master’s program, I noticed an exciting project for Porsche Consulting China. I applied as an intern. My first and second attempts did not work, however, the third time landed me on an amazing project team. I was warmly welcomed to the company and had the opportunity to rapidly develop my own consulting skills. After my graduation, I immediately joined Porsche Consulting China as a consultant.


How would you summarize your time so far at Porsche Consulting in 3 words?



The rapid working pace of the Consulting industry and the daily challenges are extremely exciting and rewarding for me.


My team and their dedication to the automotive industry offer me many opportunities to find the best solutions and to shape the future of mobility together.

Team Spirit

The unique CO-culture and the amazing team spirit.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

The fast and precise adaptation of analysis results as well as the quick formulation of problem solutions are very rewarding for me. At the moment, I support a client with the optimization of the cost of a BEV model, streamlining the product decision project and accelerating the overall transformation of electrification. By doing so and witnessing the many accomplishments of my team, I feel that I can contribute to the transformation of the automotive industry. 

"My first and second attempts did not work, but the third time landed me in an amazing project team. I was warmly welcomed to the company and had the opportunity to rapidly develop my own consulting skills."
Consultant Automotive & Aerospace
Porsche Consulting

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

My weekend starts with my favorite Saturday morning routine: I jog along the river and then walk my dog, heading to my favorite coffee spot in Shanghai. The afternoon is usually reserved to catch up with friends, colleagues and my family. I very much enjoy cooking for my family. The food culture in China is unique and always related to family & certain festivals. I love exploring new recipes, not only the Chinese cuisine, but also the Korean, Italian, and Mexican one.