The Race for Solid-State Batteries

The next big innovation in electromobility

03.08.2023 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

Solid-state batteries could reshuffle the deck in the market for electric vehicles. However, whether this new generation of batteries can become a real game changer depends on the success of the researchers and developers in this field.

According to Dr. Fabian Duffner, Partner in Advanced Technologies at Porsche Consulting, the batteries could not just revolutionize the automotive world but also enable electrification of aircraft, for example. Their main advantages include longer ranges, faster charging times, and greater safety. Above all, they give carmakers a chance to free themselves sooner from their dependence on Asian cell producers. In contrast to the major producers of conventional lithium-ion batteries, most of the leaders in solid-state technology are start-ups from the USA.  

Duffner cautions against euphoria, however. “Solid-state batteries are not a sure thing,” he states. “Numerous challenges, both technical and economic, need to be mastered before industrial production can begin.” Six key areas of activity are important: improving product and material properties; transforming production to large-scale standards; integrating the batteries into vehicle systems; establishing robust supply chains for new materials and machinery; lowering production costs; and funding the series development and scale-up stage.

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