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More transparency with Catena-X

15.12.2023 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

When shortages arise in the supply chain, a chain reaction of delays is triggered that can bring the entire industry to a halt. The automotive industry has therefore been developing the Catena-X data ecosystem to better prepare itself for crises of this type. Catena-X is also expected to lower costs, improve quality, ensure greater sustainability, and lead to new business models. 

As ever more companies in the automotive industry collaborate in Catena‑X together with their dealers and outfitters, the shared data space will also serve as a blueprint for analogous platforms in other sectors. That’s because the principles, applications, and standards developed by Catena‑X are essentially universal and can therefore be easily modified to fit the value-adding processes of other industries.

In Porsche Consulting Magazine, three experts from ZF Group, Volkswagen Group and BASF explain what Catena-X does and how the ecosystem will soon also benefit many smaller companies and other sectors.

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