A Story about Growth

The 5-Step Expansion Formula of Micromobility
Knut Krümmel | Eike Gernant | Robert Stolt | Benedikt Stolze | Hannes Moschner
Apr 2023 | Strategy Paper | English

A Story about Growth

The 5-Step Expansion Formula of Micromobility

New mobility concepts in cities are creating a wide range of options that are changing urban spaces and transportation patterns faster than ever before. Micromobility start-ups all over the world are acquiring international markets and growing more quickly than all previous mobility providers. 

This white paper describes how the global expansion of micromobility providers has been so successful in such a short period of time. It also describes a five-step model that mobility service providers can use to acquire new markets rapidly and successfully.


of under 65 year olds think that E-scooters would be a good complement to existing public transport services in Germany.


of riders replaced a trip by automobile during their most recent e-scooter ride. 


of riders in major urban markets use an e-scooter to connect to or from public transport.

Management Summary
  • The race for market share in the micromobility sector is on! For starters, companies need to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead of them. How can the service be differentiated and what “high-level” quantifiable target can be set?
  • Market due diligence for micromobility services is tricky. The reason is simple: nowadays virtually everywhere in the world, some kind of mobility service exists.
  • A small, interdisciplinary, and highly dynamic scouting team needs to be established that can be sent into a new market to explore and identify any particularities like transport habits, local traditions, or regional legislation that may have an impact on the launch of the service offering.
  • The business model describes how the value-adding micromobility service of a company can be delivered to local customers. A good market-specific business model should consider the regulatory environment, partner capabilities, structural economics, and country risks.
  • In order to establish local operations companies should set up an operations team whose task is to launch the service, establish an initial customer base, and scale the offering as quickly as possible.

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