Sustainability — A Key Factor for Success

Why sustainability is becoming an imperative for all
Birgit Engler | Tim Becker | Florian Gauer
Dec 2020 | White Paper | English

Sustainability — A Key Factor for Success

Why sustainability is becoming an imperative for all 

Why sustainability is becoming an imperative for all: Sustainability has become a crucial strategic and operational challenge for companies across all industries. Social responsibility is at the spotlight and the task is clear: reconciling sustainable action and economic success.

This White Paper illustrates six steps that show how the transformation to a sustainable company can succeed. A holistic transformation is thereby crucial to achieve sustainable management across the dimensions of environment, social affairs, and profitability of products and services.

6 milestones

guide to a comprehensive transformation along becoming sustainable.

3 dimensions

are relevant: environmental, economic, and social.

17 goals

for sustainable development were defined by the United Nations.

Management Summary
  • The importance of sustainability is rising, becoming a powerful indicator for future economic success
  • Integrating economic success and growth with environmentally conscious action and social responsibility is an indispensable competitive factor
  • Credibility can only be conveyed to the outside if sustainability is embraced and practiced on the inside
  • Leadership personnel, including the highest levels of management, must assume the role of visionaries and guide the path ahead

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