The Art of Building Customer Ecosystems

Creating superior value propositions through seamlessly integrated services
David Blecher | Alexander Frieser | Dr. Isabelle Manger
Dez. 2020 | White Paper | Englisch

The Art of Building Customer Ecosystems

Creating superior value propositions through seamlessly integrated services

Customer ecosystems are on the rise. With the rapidly growing technology landscape and increasing customer demand for highly personalised experiences along their customer journey, companies need to find new ways to deliver real value to their customers. Creating superior customer value can only be achieved by offering integrated and seamlessly connected solutions. Companies need to build collaborative networks and forge strong partnerships. But this is easier said than done. To meet this challenge and generate a sustainable competitive advantage, it is crucial to understand how to lay the foundations for a successful customer ecosystem, how to build, operate and scale it - and manage the complex transformation process.


customer retention is achieved by ecosystem-driven businesses


higher revenue growth and 27% higher profit of platform businesses


of organizations struggle to bundle third-party services into a consistent user experience

Management Summary
  • Customer ecosystems are on the rise as stand-alone companies are finding it more and more difficult to provide solutions for the variety of customer needs and the increasingly demanding expectations through its own capabilities
  • Five dimensions determine the success of a customer ecosystem: customer centricity, size, value, engagement, and integration
  • Building a strong network of partners with complementing capabilities that share a joint customer-centric value proposition enables companies to outperform competitors
  • Four building blocks need to be considered for a successful ecosystem transformation: ecosystem strategy, portfolio management, partner management, and ecosystem operations
  • Successful customer ecosystems initially start with a small scope (one service to many) but successfully scale and extend their business faster than others while maintaining flexibility
  • Porsche Consulting helps to set up a superior customer ecosystem by laying the right strategic foundation, building a scalable ecosystem that captures value for all participants, managing the transformation, and designing customer-centric services that truly resonate with customers’ needs

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