Transforming Stationary Retail

Revolutionizing retail strategy and network design with a data-driven approach
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Aug. 2023 | Strategy Paper | Englisch

Transforming Stationary Retail

Revolutionizing retail strategy and network design with a data-driven approach

The grocery retail industry is undergoing fundamental changes. In addition to internal factors, external factors also have a major influence on EBIT, although these are difficult to quantify and predict. E-commerce is one of these future influences on stationary retail. While still competing for market share, grocery e-commerce is experiencing enormous growth rates, and more and more customers are willing to switch to online grocery delivery.

This Porsche Consulting study analyzes consumer behavior in the German grocery shopping market. It assesses the development of e-commerce and its impact on stationary retail. Furthermore, it shows how management in grocery retail can successfully shape their digital transformation and thus provides guidance on how to implement concrete measures and deliver valuable results for securing the profitability of individual stationary retail stores. Here are some of the interesting results:


growth rate for grocery e-commerce over the last two years.


of people not using online grocery yet are willing to do so in future.


sales loss for a stationary retailer if an online grocery retailer enters the same market area.

Management Summary
  • Online grocery shopping is increasingly accepted and demanded by society. Integrating online channels into the retail landscape is essential to win the competitive race.
  • Applying a holistic and data-driven approach to manage change and rising complexity must be a top priority in grocery retailing.
  • Finding the perfect interplay between physical and digital commerce formats that reflects both financial goals and customer preferences is crucial.
  • The ideal channel and format network can be simulated to estimate the impact of future influences as well as countermeasures in the contribution margin calculation.

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