Boosting AI in supply chains

Guide to unlock new potenital and competitive advantages
Stefan Hoff | Alexander Hahn | Dr. Benjamin Funk | Alexander Dziwisch
Aug. 2021 | White Paper | Englisch

Boosting AI in supply chains

Guide to unlock new potenital and competitive advantages 

The complexity and dynamics of supply chains have increased significantly in recent years and will continue to intensify. Within the entire supply chain, artificial intelligence can make a significant contribution to increasing competitiveness and optimization. Porsche Consulting answers the question of the concrete design of the transformation to an AI-supported supply chain in the new white paper. 

The publication shows that it is not a matter of dogmatically implementing AI. For successful implementation, the empowerment of the organization and the selection and consistent implementation of the right use cases are crucial. The goal must be to establish AI systematically and purposefully within the strategic, planning and operational decision-making processes. One thing is clear: AI-supported supply chains will be the most successful.


efficiency gains can be unlocked with AI supply chain management.

40 profiles

of AI applications form a use case library.


of SCM managers believe that AI will help them to make better decisions.

Management Summary
  • AI in supply chain management enables companies to address new requirements from customers as well as to unlock efficiency gains of up to 20 percent
  • The Use Case Library includes over 40 readily described and evaluated AI use cases across all supply chain processes
  • To excel in piloting and scaling AI across supply chains, the project approach covers all essential success factors

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