Brand Evolution or Revolution?

Five steps to remain a relevant brand in the hurricane of disruption and transformation
Henrik Heinz | Dr. Murat Balak
Mai 2020 | White Paper | Englisch

Brand Evolution or Revolution?

Five steps to remain a relevant brand in the hurricane of disruption and transformation

Brands can provide orientation in times where changes are characterized by ever shorter cycles that are becoming more and more important for companies and increasingly complex for the customer. Successful brands manage to strengthen the motivation of employees and increase their identification with the company. For customers, successful brands are an anchor point that gives them trust and support. A brand acts as an intellectual idea for the customer, stimulating the customer with its traditions, values and emotions. In times of change, successful brands are better able to deal with new challenges and additionally create new opportunities without losing their values or credibility. To prepare brands for change, Porsche Consulting has developed a five-step plan. This plan highlights the essential factors for a successful brand in the age of transformation from brand identity to brand management.


Branding is more than a colorful logo; it is a strategic cornerstone. Brands offer customers a sense of security and serve as decision criteria.


Branding has an impact on the bottom line. Customers have relationships with brands. Some are brief encounters and others are intensive love stories.


Brand management can be a supporting pillar while companies navigate transformation and should therefore have the attention of top management.

Management Summary
  • Brands are an important companion for change
  • Within the organization, a strong brand creates identification and fosters employee motivation
  • Outside the organization, brands act as an anchor of trust for customers and stakeholders
  • Effective brand management is highly relevant for any transformation
  • Porsche Consulting recommends a five-step program to manage the balance between preservation and change in branding

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