Shifting Perspectives

The role of service design in business transformation
Dirk Pfitzer | Sven Rossmann | Sajeel Shiromani | Benjamin Bartoli | Ines Stoegerer
Juni 2020 | White Paper | Englisch

Shifting Perspectives

The role of service design in business transformation

In a context with fast-changing customer and employee requirements, new adaptation strategies are necessary for developing effective business models. Service Design is a strategy that places people in the middle and enables a shift from a focus on products to a service-oriented mindset. In the white paper "Shifting Perspectives", Porsche Consulting shows the value of service design in a wide transformation context and gives managers the navigation tools they need for operationalization.


of customers agree on corporations describe themselves as customer-centric.

1.4 times

faster do experience-driven businesses grow.

3 steps

develop a smart factory target picture, using human-centered methods.

Management Summary
  • Today’s world is an experience economy that implies a shift from pure focus on products to service-oriented offerings centered on humans and their everyday needs
  • Companies that embrace human-centered design can create lasting competitive advantage and grow their revenue and shareholder value faster than their peers
  • The realization requires senior leaders to understand the integrated, system-level role the design must possess to influence strategy at the right time at the highest level
  • Service design is a practical approach to operationalize human-centered design across the organization and build a company’s key capabilities of the digital age
  • A good first step is to conduct design sprints for important business challenges, also to let leaders experience the benefits at first hand and understand their powerful role

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