Thinking from the customer’s point of view

Eight steps to a successful customer-centric business model
David Blecher | Alexander Frieser
März 2019 | White Paper | Englisch

Thinking from the customer’s point of view

Eight steps to a successful customer-centric business model

Whether for products or services—if providers want to keep their existing customers and acquire more, they have to act more quickly and flexibly than ever. Classic business and sales models are on the way out. Who still buys CDs? Who goes to department stores when they need shoes? Who watches only linear TV, rents videos, or books their vacation at a travel agency? 

Customer-centric business models are changing whole markets at breathtaking speeds, and companies have to adapt. In a new white paper, Porsche Consulting describes the key to success in disruptive, competitive environments: customer centricity. Porsche consultants have identified eight factors for success that help companies master the transformation and orient their business models completely toward customers. The paper shows what companies need to do in order to rise above the competition in the future as well.


Know your customers.


Integrate sales channels.


Create experiences.

Management Summary
  • Disruptive business models currently changing entire industries are invariably customer centric
  • New players are using direct customer contact. They maintain this contact via service models that also ensure steady revenue
  • Above all, they embed consumers in powerful ecosystems, where they should remain as long as possible
  • There is a growing need for action in order to stand out from the competition as a customer-centric company

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