Top-Value Twin

Three steps to an intelligent digital building model
Dirk Pfitzer | Roland Sitzberger | Dr. Manuel Schönwitz
Nov. 2019 | White Paper | Englisch

Top-Value Twin

Three steps to an intelligent digital building model

The construction industry has been booming for years. It currently accounts for 9 percent of the EU's gross domestic product. But the industry still has plenty of room for improvement, because compared to other sectors, such as manufacturing, the construction industry is inefficient and not very productive. Above all, digital transformation is needed. A first step towards digitalization in the construction industry is Building Information Modelling (BIM). 

However, the full potential of BIM is still underestimated in the industry. This whitepaper shows the relevance of the data model for the entire life cycle of a building and provides assistance for a successful start with the intelligent digital building twin.

3 steps

to a successful start with an intelligent building twin are presented in this paper.


of companies that produce components for the Internet of Things (IoT) already use digital twins.


of the European Union’s GDP accounts for the construction industry.

Management Summary
  • The use of BIM in the construction industry can cut costs by 10 percent. Project times can be cut by up to 7 percent, because planning can be shifted to a stage of the project in which cost and time drivers can still be influenced.
  • This shift also eliminates the strict distinction between planning and construction. Moreover, this new type of collaboration creates a stronger project culture, which is reflected in the requirements for planning tools and collaboration processes
  • BIM is therefore a good method for generating production-oriented plans as well as actually completing construction products.
  • Best of all, the information and data can be used after the design phase as well as actually completing construction products.
  • New opportunities and business models are arising. All players in the construction industry need to advance and use BIM applications and digitalization to create digital twins in order to utilize the enormous associated potential for optimization

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