Urban Mobility in a Post-Covid-19 World

Impact and recovery of urban mobility using Berlin as an example
Justas Petronis | Eike Gernan | Robert Stolt | Martin Jambor
Sep 2020 | White Paper | Englisch

Urban Mobility in a Post-Covid-19 World

Impact and recovery of urban mobility using Berlin as an example

As public life starts to move into the post-Covid-19 phase, the question remains how urban mobility will adapt to this “new normal.” From today’s perspective on the weeks and months behind us, the trajectory for the future becomes clearer. The urban mobility ecosystem adapted quickly and flexibly to changing customer demands. In fact, this ability to match overall supply of mobility modes with individual preferences on the demand side will be a key success factor for cities from now on. In this white paper, Porsche Consulting and Trafi used the example of Berlin to compare direct implications of the pandemic on urban mobility behavior, especially the relative use of different modes of transportation before and during the lockdown phase.


shrank the mobility demand due to telecommuting policies and social distancing.


of inner-city rides will after the pandemic again be public transportation.

4 scenarios

for the post-pandemic future were elaborated.

Management Summary
  • The urban mobility ecosystem adapts quickly and flexibly to changing customer demands
  • The normalization of mobility behavior occured almost as quickly as the initial curtailment— "Life as usual" returns
  • "Fully integrated mobility” is on the rise— the post-pandemic urban mobility ecosystem will be based on data and customer preferences

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