ChatGPT: Promise and Peril

Porsche Consulting assesses the chatbot

28.09.2023 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

ChatGPT is coming to workplaces. But what do companies need to know about the language model’s functions, abilities, applications and risks in order to make good decisions on whether and how to use it in professional settings?

According to Porsche Consulting's expert team for data analytics and artificial intelligence, many areas will benefit greatly in the future from generative AI like the ChatGPT language model. Kevin Lin, Head of AI & Data Analytics at Porsche Consulting, sees the main benefit in the automatic processing of documents. Repetitive tasks that consistently fit a certain pattern will be replaced to an increasing extent. For services like processing complaints or performing administrative tasks, ChatGPT will offer considerable leverage in terms of increasing efficiency and requiring fewer, albeit highly qualified personnel. There is a lot of potential especially in areas with high personnel costs such as healthcare and law, and also in administration.

In addition to the employees' own skills, their understanding regarding the abilities and limits of these generative models will become increasingly important. There is a big need here for further training under expert instructors and leaders directly in companies. That is the only way to ensure that generative AI can be applied in advantageous and dependable ways.

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