The Rise of Digital Health

Four paradigm shifts accelerated by COVID-19 that will change healthcare for good
Dr. Roman Hipp | Dr. Yoni Goldwasser | Marc Ziegler | Andreas Steer
Apr 2020 | White Paper | English

The Rise of Digital Health

Four paradigm shifts accelerated by COVID-19 that will change healthcare for good

COVID-19 has globally highlighted the drawbacks of low adoption of digital health technology. However, it has simultaneously demonstrated that there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. To leverage these opportunities, APX and Porsche Consulting show four paradigm shifts that must be sustained even after the crisis subsides.


Paradigm shift: From face-to-face care delivery to virtual care at scale.


Paradigm shift: From digital health for some to universal access.


Paradigm shift: From fragmented consent to patient-controlled data sharing.

Management Summary
  • Looking at the four paradigm shifts, it is clear that digital and analog care delivery can no longer be built in silos, but rather form two pillars of a unified approach
  • It is of paramount importance to make digital layers an integral part of modern, hybrid care delivery, focusing on improving care delivery for patients and decreasing transaction costs in our healthcare systems
  • This means leveraging the strengths of digital solutions while retaining a human touch, even using technology to help doctors and care staff foster a more intimate relationship with their patients
  • All stakeholders— healthcare providers, MedTech and pharma companies, digital health startups, as well as payers, and policymakers—must work together closely to make this the new reality
  • The COVID-19 crisis might serve as a key catalyst on this path. But only through collaboration can these paradigm shifts become sustainable and bring long-lasting benefits for digital health and healthcare in general

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