Roman Hipp

Dammtorstraße 12

20354 Hamburg


Dr. Roman Hipp is a Senior Partner and Industry Director for the Life Sciences sector at Porsche Consulting. As an expert on transformation in the healthcare industry, he supports leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies. In the ever-changing life sciences ecosystem, he specializes in strategy development and implementation on the corporate level as well as throughout the entire value chain. He focuses on a people-centered approach, the measurable effectiveness of concepts, digitization, innovation and sustainability. 

Dr. Roman Hipp studied economics and has conducted research and attained his doctorate with the aim of increasing the individual benefit to patients. He has worked for Porsche Consulting since beginning his career as a consultant and has played a leading role in the development of the Life Sciences sector. In recent years, he has provided important impetus for the transformation of the healthcare industry through the publication of various opinion pieces and studies.


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