Efficient Around the World

Fresenius Kabi’s medicines and medical technology help critically and chronically ill patients worldwide. A global efficiency program helps the company.


The project at a glance


An efficiency program for quality assurance and control at all locations. Including an implementation strategy.


A detailed manual shows how global and local efficiency goals can be achieved. The organization is trained for it. 


Efficiency gains between 5% and 15% per plant and Corporate division are possible. A dashboard shows the progress.


Quality for Critically and Chronically Ill Patients

At Fresenius Kabi, the quality of the products has a direct impact on the quality of life and the success of treatment for patients. This company in the Fresenius healthcare group specializes in supplying critically and chronically ill patients with nutrients, medicines and infusions. With more than 40,000 employees worldwide, the company therefore places an extremely high priority on quality assurance and control. With Porsche Consulting, an efficiency program was started for this critical area


Up to 15% higher efficiency was made possible through targeted measures.


Examination, Diagnosis, Therapy

The Porsche consultants used six plants and the corporate division of Fresenius Kabi as a blueprint for the entire company. The pilot sites were put through their paces in a 360-degree analysis. After the in-depth investigation, it was determined which areas of action had to be optimized in order to achieve the ambitious efficiency goals. But the work of the Porsche consultants did not end with the diagnosis – they also drew up a detailed manual with milestone and cost planning as well as well as employee training to enable the organization to help itself.

"Our successful collaboration with Porsche Consulting enabled us to define our global efficiency goals for quality assurance and control, and to develop the implementation strategy."
Dr. Thomas Schreiner
Executive Vice President – Quality Management, Vigilance & Environmental Health and Safety
Fresenius Kabi
Dr. Thomas Schreiner, Fresenius Kabi


A Multi-Purpose Manual

In a global production network, every location has different requirements. Porsche Consulting therefore identified both local and global optimization measures that increase efficiency by between 5 and 15 percent. The tools and methods for this were collected in a comprehensive manual. At least as important, however, was the human factor: The consultants trained project managers and set up an organization that supports sustainable implementation and can transparently track the progress at any time using a dashboard.


Consulting that works

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Dr. Roman Hipp
Industry Lead Life Sciences