Maximum performance under extreme conditions

From snowmobiles to personal watercraft: electrification is also making waves in the world of powersports products. BRP worked with Porsche Consulting to find the perfect battery strategy.


The project at a glance


Whether it’s on snow, on water, on asphalt or dirt, BRP products are used where the conditions are particularly harsh– not least for the batteries. The demand for battery cells is high, and prices fluctuate. 


With lower volumes compared to automotive OEMs, BRP faces challenges on the competitive global market. But with the right strategy, it can succeed in electrifying its portfolio.


Clear answers to three key questions: Which battery technology will remain viable in the future? What’s the right format for BRP’s products? And with which partners can it successfully electrify its portfolio? 


Electric energy under extreme conditions

They must be fast and sleek: Recreational vehicles from the Canadian manufacturer BRP and its brands are built to be fun. And as sustainable as possible. The first electric products by BRP brands are available already. Customers have high expectations for the products’ performance. At the same time, they must withstand extreme temperatures and can’t leave riders stranded in the middle of the woods or desert. This calls for high-performance batteries. But the market is competitive, prices volatile and geopolitical conditions uncertain.


issues were clarified: chemistry, format and partnerships


Path to technology leadership

With its decision to further electrify the portfolio, BRP has made a clear commitment to sustainability. Together with Porsche Consulting, BRP wants to define the path to technology leadership. Three questions take center stage: What technology meets the high demands in terms of performance, range, cost, and safety? What’s the best battery format for snowmobiles and the like? And which partnerships can ensure success? The experts at Porsche Consulting analyze the global market and bring all the options to the table.

"Porsche Consulting’s technology expertise and strategic know-how help us achieve our ambitious electrification goals."
Thomas Uhr
Chief Technology Officer
Thomas Uhr BRP


Partners for high-performance

The battery experts from Porsche Consulting identify the cell technology with the highest innovation potential and the best properties for BRP’s purposes. Cylindrical, prismatic or pouch – the best format is found for BRP products as well. To source the batteries at the best conditions, strategic relationships with partners such as cell manufacturers are essential. BRP now has a clear strategy to do just that – so it won’t be left out in the cold.


Consulting that works

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Gregor  Harman
Managing Director Porsche Consulting USA