Agile in a Complex World

How organizations become both flexible and stable
Dr. Roman Hipp | Julius Hollmann | Alexander Gerdes
Mai 2019 | Strategy Paper | Englisch

Agile in a Complex World

How organizations become both flexible and stable

Many companies are now successfully using agile tools such as Scrum. However, an agile company needs more. An agile enterprise is characterized by running the current business efficiently and at the same time develop game-changing innovations. Some organizations are born agile – but this does not apply to traditional companies. For most, a company-wide transformation is necessary. 

This Strategy Paper shows how to outperform with an agile organization in the post-Scrum era.


At agile organizations, culture and values are not vague terms but rather serve as guidelines for all decisions.


Agile methods and tools enable teams to take responsibility for achieving goals in an iterative process and thereby manage themselves. 


When putting agile methods and tools into practice, teams at traditional organizations quickly encounter obstacles in their environments.

Management Summary
  • Agile organizations consistently follow agile values and have corresponding cultures
  • The application of agile methods and views needs to be more differentiated, especially during the transformation from a traditional to an agile organization
  • The production of technical hardware does not benefit from a self-directed team approach that designs its own solution space and receives new goals within short cycles
  • Areas which do not need approaches generally considered agile (e.g., scrums) can and should use agile elements and ideas to streamline their processes while simultaneously making them more customer centered

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