Innovative Working Atmosphere

How managers succeed in giving New Work a nudge
Dr. Wolfgang Freibichler | Dirk Pfitzer | Manuel Schmuker
Juni 2018 | Study | Englisch

Innovative Working Atmosphere

How managers succeed in giving New Work a nudge

The pressure to be innovative is continuing to increase in corporations. There is a need to optimally exploit the potential that employees offer. The working atmosphere plays a key role. The physical, social, and digital environment has a huge impact on how agile and effective the cooperation between employees is. This study by Porsche Consulting describes what a working atmosphere that promotes effective employee practices as well as innovation can look like. Furthermore, it also presents “Nudge Management” as an innovative approach to fast-track implementation. It is particularly suitable for introducing “New Work” right across a corporation within a short period of time.


of managers put effort into creating good working conditions and a good atmosphere.


 of employees consider opportunity to contribute ideas as important or very important.


of employees would like one day per week for planning and thinking.

Management Summary
  • The capacity to innovate today decides the success achieved tomorrow. The goal of corporate leaders is therefore to take innovation capacity to a new level
  • The focus here is on the employees. They are the key to innovative services, products, and business models that will ensure that corporations maintain their competitiveness in the digital future, and that their sales figures and profits will continue to grow every year
  • Our analyses of the world’s most innovative companies, and the latest insights gained from neuroscientific and behavioral research, reveals that companies should aim to create a working atmosphere that is characterized by eight principles
  • In order to implement these principles in a pragmatic way, the “Nudge Management” approach developed by Porsche Consulting is available for use by managers
  • This boosts the effectiveness, efficiency, and motivation of the employees and creates a competitive advantage. Work is then organized holistically and structured around the way people really tick

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