The success formula of winning corporate transformations

7 recommendations to get your organization ready to transform
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Juni 2018 | Strategy Paper | Englisch

The success formula of winning corporate transformations

7 recommendations to get your organization ready to transform

In the midst of a constantly changing environment, the capability for transformation is the key to success to become a high performance enterprise with outstanding results: today and in the future. Disruptive technologies that challenge the status quo, emerging markets that represent further potential for growth, new entrants who stir up competition and drive continuous improvements, and economic forces such as growing regulatory pressures force companies to continuous adaption. No transformation—no success. 

What differentiates successful transformations from those that fail? To find answers, Porsche Consulting evaluated more than 150 companies that rank top in their class (e.g., stock value) from which twenty got selected that have successfully undergone an outstanding corporate transformation and achieved sustainable high performance.


top ranking companies were evaluated.


successful corporate transformations were selected.


recommendations to get an organization ready to transform.

Management Summary
  • Something that all twenty high performance transformers demonstrate is that corporate culture—and in the end, modified human behavior—builds the baseline for the transformation’s business approach.
  • In order to identify what were the decisive cultural changes of the companies in their high performance transformation journey, Porsche Consulting developed a cultural framework as orientation.
  • It is generally difficult to “copy” a culture of a high performance transformer. However, after evaluating the business transformations and the cultural levers of these twenty companies, Porsche Consulting can provide seven recommendations along the cultural dimensions that are applicable to any type of corporate transformation.

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