Exclusive Insights: Porsche Production 4.0

Porsche Consulting showcases Smart Factory in action

12.06.2024 | Article

Cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way products are manufactured. This is particularly evident in the automotive industry. “The automotive world is changing massively and we at Porsche are playing a huge role in shaping it,” Albrecht Reimold says in his role as a Member of the Board of Management for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG. Together with Porsche Consulting's experts for digitalization and operational excellence, the company is working on making the Smart Factory a reality at its production sites in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig.

Porsche Consulting is now offering exclusive insights into Porsche Production 4.0 from anywhere in the world thanks to a virtual tour of the two plants. “We are demonstrating how automation solutions, artificial intelligence and networked systems can be successfully integrated into the production process,” Markus Uellendahl, Senior Partner at Porsche Consulting, explains. Uellendahl is responsible for the practice field of operations at the management consultancy across all industries and explains how companies from a wide range of economic sectors can benefit from Porsche’s experiences and success with smart applications, such as AI-based label identification, flexible production lines involving driverless transport systems or a digital twin for logistics processes: “The Smart Factory not only boosts competitive edge and innovative drive, it also reduces the environmental footprint.”


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