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With our value-creation and efficiency-boosting projects, we lead you to sustained profitability.



Growth & Efficiency as an Opportunity

Crises, disruptive trends and market changes – day in and day out, companies face new challenges that call for customized solutions. There are no simple formulas for this.

To set themselves apart from the competition in a lasting way, companies need courage – to shake up old structures and think in new ways. 

We help you secure short-term liquidity as well as medium- and long-term profitability gains. The approaches vary depending on the company’s financial situation, strategy and culture; but employees are always at the center of the effort. To understand companies better, we use benchmarks and individual analyses. Based on that, we develop tailored strategies to grow the company’s value. We help with process automation/optimization, making organizations leaner, optimizing cost structures and even sales growth. And to get executives and employees on board with these processes, we also support you with a customized change management system tailored to your circumstances. In this way, we enable financial stability even in uncertain times, so your company can exploit its full potential. We also lay the groundwork for strong results and the creation of lasting value.


Efficiency that Pays

Value Creation

How can companies secure their value long-term and keep all stakeholders on board?

To generate competitive advantages over the long haul, we pursue and an approach that adapts your strategy to new markets, new products and new customers while integrating political and economic circumstances into the calculus. We work with you to redefine value creation chains and develop programs that boost efficiency and sales. With a holistic transformation program, we help you make your company fit for the future. This includes a compelling equity story that describes the strengths and opportunities of your company and is tailored to optimizing shareholder value.

To ensure that your company taps into its full potential, we help you define new goals, prioritize investments and weigh potential risks.


How can companies achieve sustainable growth?    

In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to reach growth targets. And when companies hold onto traditional sales measures and structures, it’s difficult to get them into shape for future challenges. Customers’ requirements have changed so drastically that it’s become essential to adapt and expand product portfolios. At Porsche Consulting, we help you understand new markets and introduce new business models to generate real growth. Together, we develop strategies that help you tap into market potential and integrate new products. But that also requires creative measures and the willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.  



How can companies achieve maximum efficiency?

Efficiency measures should never be just a means of short-term cost-cutting in moments of crisis. Rather, efficiency programs and measures to enhance performance should be regarded as ongoing necessities and actively promoted in growth phases.

Independently of the business cycle, we use the latest technologies to help you make your company more efficient on a continuous basis and thus more effective long-term. With our effectiveness and efficiency measures, we both push and assist your organization as we work with you to identify weak points and turn them into strengths. In the process, it’s important to us to accompany you from start to finish and to be part of the end-to-end process optimization.

Cost Management

How can cost management be strategically managed?

To offer the best possible quality in spite of cost-cutting measures, new cost-management solutions are required.

We know how to manage the critical cost levers to help companies reach or build on a position of leadership on cost. At the same time, we ensure that there is no adverse impact on customers, service or quality. We also identify your levers in material costs, fixed costs and other types of costs. Our cost program translates targets, time horizons and measures from the strategy into the operational context and includes liquidity management as well as analysis and optimization of your working capital.

We’re also happy to help in the event of fundamental cost changes with our expertise in the area of zero-based budgeting. 


How can companies emerge from a liquidity crisis and secure long-term profitability?    

Particularly in times of crisis, many companies need support to pull out of a liquidity crisis. The objective of our restructuring measures is to strike the right balance (rightsizing) in terms of workforce utilization or product diversity. We optimize your business not just through cost reductions, but work with you to determine how we can generate new revenue sources, develop new products and gain new customers. To regain profitability, it’s essential to be mindful of the digital transformation as part of the re-orientation and to incorporate it in the strategy. In the process, together we define how and when the turnaround will take place.


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