Software Driven Transformation

Today, companies need to use programs and data effectively to be successful with their products. Or even to survive at all. 

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Mastering Digital Challenges

Many industries are confronted with a watershed moment driven by digital capabilities. Business models and markets are no longer solely hardware-focused, but increasingly software-driven. Customers demand products that are digitally connected, that function in their digital ecosystems, and that usefully leverage data: state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, quintessentially high-tech.

At the same time, new and old business models have to be defended against competitors. We help companies adapt their organizational structures, create innovative delivery models, and master the complexity of software development. For sustained success in the digital world.   


Turbocharge the Transformation of your Company

OEM Transformation

How can companies generate value in the new tech cosmos?

For decades, the world of OEM was dominated by hardware innovations. But today, that’s no longer sufficient. So we actively support clients as they find new business models in the software sector and navigate their internal transformation into a software-driven company. This includes involving the company’s own existing staff and, if necessary, buying in external support. We help managers build the organization and provide support with

•    wrapping up acquisitions
•    establishing collaborations
•    the technical due diligence process   

Digital Product Development

How do ideas become software-driven products?

Software brings new complexity to development processes and product management. One of the most important success factors for software projects is having a functional collaboration between developers and the lifecycle management team. We help companies develop the new delivery models that are critical to understanding and providing the building blocks of a functional dual operating model. This includes

•    end-to-end processes
•    agile governance
•    data continuity
•    partnerships   

Software Development

How do companies program the products of the future?   

In the area of software development, we help clients set up a functioning process and method chain that enables continuous software delivery. At the same time, we develop solutions that help clients master important informational development problems from the outset. We also ensure that

•    costs always stay within the specified bounds
•    interactions throughout the entire technical context are documented
•    clear rules apply from the software platform to the code level


Trends and Solutions

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Consulting that works

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Dr. Hagen Radowski
Practice Lead Development & Technology