Customer Service Strategy

Customer enthusiasm is a question of placing them at the heart of the business model and making them part of an attractive ecosystem.

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Creating Individual Added Value

We develop and scale outstanding services for your customers and users that deliver real added value. With integrated solutions in the areas of mobility, finance, and insurance services, as well as in the B2B sector, we open up additional growth opportunities for you. To turn buyers into enthusiastic customers, we create robust customer retention concepts with partners and loyalty programs. 


Enthusiasm by Design

Integrated Mobility Services

How can forward-looking mobility strategies be developed and put into action?   

Mobility is constantly changing and calling for new ways of thinking and new visions of the future. Not only that, but in many areas, newcomers are challenging the status quo and overtaking traditional companies with customer-centric and innovative solutions. A mobility strategy therefore requires an integrated and cross-industry approach to position new products and services on the market in a successful and lasting way.

So we help our clients with the development, evaluation and implementation of strategies and customer-centric business models in the field of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS), e-mobility and charging. We provide expert help with    

•    strategies for positioning in the mobility ecosystem as well as in the energy and charging value creation chain
•    with tapping into synergies for various form of mobility (e.g., rental, sharing, ride-hailing, subscription)
•    with the development and implementation of new ideas and lighthouse projects through minimum viable products and sustainable operator models for mobility services 

Finance / Insurance

How can innovative finance & insurance products and services make the mobility experience better long-term?   

The finance and insurance sector are increasingly focused on new and customer-centric mobility and fleet solutions. This generates additional profit pools across the entire range of mobility and financial services. Fully integrated financial solutions generate real added value for customers and significantly increase customer retention and revenues.

We help clients develop innovative and smart finance and insurance solutions that go beyond the conventional business and guarantee comprehensive integration into the mobility ecosystem. We provide expert support for    

•    the development of subscription models in the field of financial services 
•    the design and implementation of innovative insurance solutions for mobility services, incl. the use of telematics and Connected Car
•    the design of mobility platforms in view of the needs of end users, fleet managers and partners in the mobility ecosystem
•    tapping into new business segments like parking and charging  

B2B Services

How can companies reimagine basic principles of maintenance and services? 

The increasing connectivity of systems and the use of data analytics make it possible to completely reimagine maintenance and services. The focus is on convenience, profitability and sustainability. For us, that’s a trifecta with enormous potential. We create growth potential through preventive maintenance, revitalization and automated spare parts management. Always with the goal of achieving the best possible balance between convenience, profitability and sustainability for a given situation. We provide expert help with   

•    technology-focused re-design of after-sales business models as the basis for tapping into new profit pools 
•    the development of successful after-sales concepts as a market-relevant differentiation factor
•    global rollouts and the development of independent aftermarket concepts   

Loyalty Programs

How can companies increase their sales per customer and gain new ones?

Sales success rests largely on satisfied customers. Loyal customers buy more frequently, are more willing to pay and support sales growth by making credible recommendations. Together with you, we determine the customer lifetime value of your target groups, reduce customer churn, and turn transactional customer relationships into emotional ones. The result is customers who are not merely satisfied, but downright enthusiastic. We help you

•    tap into the enormous potential of loyal customers through social selling, optimal price points and systematic cross-selling and thereby increase your profitability long-term
•    develop-relevant ecosystems that delight your customers and permanently raise the customer lifetime value
•    develop effective loyalty programs that optimally balance costs and benefits and offer your customers real added value   


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Consulting that works

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