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Here are some valuable information and tips on our application process. We look forward to meeting you soon.


How to Apply

Interested in a job at Porsche Consulting? We’re glad to hear it. To get started, simply create a profile in our Job Locator and send us your online application now. Our promise to you: Our application process is lean, and our decision-making pathways direct.


What to Expect in the Application Process

Telephone Interview

First Impressions

Are you a student, recent graduate, or someone with a bit of experience already? Great, our HR team looks forward to getting to know you better in a telephone interview. It usually takes about 30 minutes. Use the interview as an opportunity to see if Porsche Consulting is a good fit for you. And we’ll do the same.

Ein junger Mann am Telefonieren
Online Test

Your Strengths

In addition to your personality, we place great importance on how structured and analytical you are. So as a young professional, you’ll do an online test for us. It usually takes about 45 minutes. 

Technical Interview & Case

Your Technical Competence 

A direct meeting at last – in person, if desired. You’ll have an interview with managers from your subject area and later examine a case. We’re not interested in theory learned by rote, but rather in seeing that you proceed in a structured manner and that your enthusiasm for consulting work comes across.

Final Interview

The Final Interview

We then meet you again for a final interview. This time, you’ll meet your potential supervisor, who will want to know how well you’ll fit into you future team. Take this opportunity to ask questions. After all, you also have to be sure that Porsche Consulting is the right employer for you. And that we get on well on a professional and personal level.

"Definitely have a look at the LinkedIn profile of your contacts. That way you’ll be familiar with the names and faces before you head into the application interview. "
Karin Fess
"The most important thing is your CV. Talk it over in advance with someone you trust and get some feedback on how meaningfully and compellingly you’ve presented your story."
Nikolaus Philippi
HR Manager
"Think about the biggest challenges facing clients in the field for which you are applying. It’s important that you form an opinion that you can argue well."
Koray Yazici
Associate Partner
"Show us that you can think analytically and with a view towards implementation. In preparation for your interview, I recommend solving one of our cases. "
Stefan Stock
HR Director
"An interview is always a give-and-take process: We want to get to know you and you can learn more about Porsche Consulting. So always be yourself!"
Estrella Stimmel
HR Recruiting Partner
"Do you have examples of completed projects? Perfect, then show us what you can do and integrate them in your application. Be prepared to talk about them in greater detail in your interview."
Dr. Amir Hooshmand
Associate Partner



Want to learn more about your career opportunities with us? We look forward to your call.

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