Supply Chain Management

With an end-to-end perspective, we design and optimize your supply chain and network the relevant areas of the company and the supply chain. 

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Value Creation from Day One

Responsiveness and flexibility, resilience, costs, sustainability, delivery performance – these sometimes contradictory target objectives must be harmonized with each other through supply chain management. Achieving this requires not only the right strategy, but also digital and innovative solutions in the implementation. As an overarching function within the company, the requirements from sales, development, procurement, quality, production, logistics and the supply chain all have to be taken into account. And all the while constantly keeping sight of the strategic objectives of the company to fulfill individual customer requirements and demands.


Holistic Supply Chains

Supply Chain Strategy

How can forward-looking supply chains be developed and put into action?

The supply chain strategy encompasses every relevant phase of supply chain management – from order acceptance to delivery of the product. We help you both define the strategic objectives and derive the strategic initiatives for every phase of supply chain management. The strategic objectives are the starting point for deriving the strategic initiatives for every phase of supply chain management.

We support you from the definition of your strategy to implementing it within the company and in the other parts of the supply chain. In the process, we:   

• define the supply chain strategy and develop the implementation plan
• help with the implementation of strategic initiatives
• support the associated change and stakeholder management for all relevant players and partners in the supply chains

Integrated Business Planning

How can supply and demand be actively aligned throughout the system?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a business planning process that extends the principles of sales & operations planning (S&OP) to the entire value chain with the objective of enhancing decision-making through a comprehensive view of information. As much as possible, data is provided in real time.  IBP and S&OP span the gap unite the supply chain strategy, long-and short-term planning, and order processing. The foundation for adopting IBP is an excellent S&OP process.

We support you in designing your S&OP / IBP process through:   

• optimal decision preparation for questions related to demand/capacity alignment
• design of the rolling S&OP / IBP process, derivation of the organization, tasks and capabilities from the forecast to the decision
• digitization with fast, pragmatic solution approaches and assistance in selecting the right IT tools for planning
• further development via advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence in forecasting

Logistics Operations

How can the line-back approach be used to improve a company’s logistics processes? 

The line-back approach is a method frequently used by Porsche Consulting to optimize inbound and intra-logistics processes with the objective of delivering materials with maximum precision and optimal costs according to the 5R principle and thus efficiently manage production. This method involves the internal customer, the production line, being the starting point (i.e. from the line back), in order to achieve customer-centric results.

We help you create and implement logistics concepts in various different areas:

• creation of the logistics and layout concept
• supply and disposal for production
• supply of warehouses / supermarkets / decoupling points
• goods receipt 

Sustainable Supply Chain

How can an environmentally and socially accepted supply chain be established in the company?    

Responsible corporate governance encompasses the entire supply chain, including the supply chains of the internal production network and suppliers. Sustainable supply chains not only play a major role in handling social and economic challenges but can also serve as an engine of value generation and success. We believe that there are three principles for successful, sustainable supply chain management throughout the entire sustainability journey: corporate governance, transparency and binding commitments.

We help you design a sustainable supply chain for every station of the sustainability journey:

• development of self-commitments, targets and visions
• assessment of the business case based on strategic goals
• definition and implementation of measures with internal and external suppliers
• ensuring internal governance and external monitoring of supply chains
• measuring and communicating results     

Supply Chain Network Design

How does the supply chain need to be designed in physical terms?  

Defining the optimal number, size and placement of locations (suppliers, factories, warehouses) is the objective of supply chain network design. The premise of the design is to create a competitive advantage. This can be achieved through the fastest delivery, the highest flexibility, the cheapest product or the most sustainable supply chain.

We help you with the design of your supply chain network using the latest methods, such as:

• creating a digital twin for analysis and visualization
• simulation of material flows in 3D and scenario formation
• derivation of requirements for the physical development of the supply chain
• support with the calculation and implementation of your business case 


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