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We are partners for the development and implementation of strategies in all important segments of the financial services industry. We support banks, asset managers, insurance companies and captive and non-captive financial service providers in the mobility sector in shaping the future of their markets and companies. 


Making Financial Services fit for the Future

Challenges and opportunities in the financial industry

Digitization, changing regulatory requirements, new competitors and customer requirements as well as increased attention on sustainability – all these changes are having a massive impact on the financial industry. 

Therefore financial service providers have to continually adapt in order to keep pace with these changes. The focus is on innovations, digital and sustainable business models, and efficiency and productivity gains. Growth must go together with cost discipline. This also means constant change for employees: Management styles are re-defined, cultures change, and new collaboration models shape how people work together on a daily basis. 
At the same time, these challenges offer huge opportunities. Financial service providers who put this knowledge to use lay the groundwork for the future and emerge from necessary transformation processes stronger than before.

We find answers to the key questions of the financial industry

In developing and implementing concepts, our industry-experienced teams also apply insights and ideas from other sectors, such as the automotive industry. This not only gives our clients fresh perspectives, but above all measurable results. We apply this approach equally, whether the client is a multinational firm or a regionally based bank.


"Digital business models, sustainability and strict cost management define the transformation agenda of our clients."
Dr. Matthias Tewes
Industry Lead Financial Services
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Necessary Changes in the Financial Sector – Our Concepts

Strategic Transformation

How can financial service providers set themselves up for the future?

Customers set the tone: simplicity in the forms of interaction and expert advice on the important questions. And all that at low fees. Financial service providers will only be successful in the future if they can quickly and flexibly adapt to these central customer requirements. 

Exploiting their digital and efficiency potential is therefore essential. This calls for the development and targeted placement of new, data-driven business models and products. And finally, financial service providers need to join forces with the right partners to combine their capabilities and position themselves more favorably in the ever-changing ecosystems.

The need to adapt is huge: digital end-to-end processes, agile organizations, reduced complexity in the product lineup, better innovativeness and strategic change management – these are just a few of the areas in which making the right moves is key to a successful transformation. 

We see successful transformation as a holistic task and accompany our clients all the way from concept development to implementation.


What role can the financial industry play in a more sustainable world?

Sustainability is one of the central issues of our time. The Paris Climate Agreement and the EU Action Plan provide principles for a sustainable financial industry. Decision-makers should invest capital in more sustainable assets, give greater weight to environmental risks, and promote transparency. This is how financial service providers are to support the transformation to greater sustainability.

So companies have to transform their business operations in line with ESG criteria. The requirements are quickly becoming more specific and the pressure to act is growing. The demand for capital is enormous, as is the need for expert advice: What can be financed going forward; which products and subsidies can be used; how can ratings be managed and optimized; what data is required by financing partners?

And then financial service providers have to make their own businesses more sustainable as well. 
In all of these areas, financial service providers can gain a competitive advantage by having a comprehensive sustainability strategy and concrete, measurable implementation. We help our clients tap into market opportunities and support them in making their own businesses sustainable. 

Business Model

How can the potential of different finance processes be put to best use?

To make the best use of efficiency and digitization potential in finance processes, the processes have to be made simpler, more efficient and more customer-oriented. Many processes have to be re-imagined from end to end – from customer to customer. The focus here is on agility, automation and reduced complexity. Equally important is the question of which technologies are suitable for executing these tasks. 

Efficient, lean processes require an equally capable organization. Flat hierarchies, appropriate spans of control and executive structures or the right balance of in- and outsourcing are critical in determining the performance of the business model. 

We keep all of these aspects in mind and ensure excellent finance processes with our integrated, comprehensive approach from the concept to the implementation. 

Change Management

How can companies ensure that employees are fit for the future of the financial industry?  

Beyond well-considered strategies and functioning processes, what successful financial service providers need most of all is excellent personnel. Having motivated and inspired employees is critical, but success today also depends on ensuring a harmonious interaction between the people and the technology they use. The more digital the financial industry becomes, the more important it is not to lose sight of the human factor.

So in the area of change management, we help our clients anticipate the right skills for the future, create the cultural foundation, and offer their workforces modern training programs that enable the company to meet the future needs of the finance sector and drive innovation.

Brand & Sales

How can the financial industry meet the changing requirements of its customers? 

Customer demands regarding services in the financial sector have changed decidedly in recent years. The digitalization of every facet of life has created expectations that by no means stop at the door of financial service providers. App solutions, customization and omnichannel experiences – 24/7 customer service and real-time transaction information on any device at any time – are just a few of the things that customers expect today.

We help our clients tap into new sources of demand and find new growth opportunities using digital technologies by enabling them to continuously evaluate the behavior of customers and develop solutions to meet customer needs. 


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