Why Bauer Is Reinventing Its Supply Chain

Transformation at the German civil engineering company.

25.10.2021 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

The BAUER Group produces the sophisticated machinery for ground- and groundwater-related work. Its work is divided into three segments: The construction segment does large-scale specialized foundation projects worldwide. The equipment segment is a global market leader in developing and producing machinery for specialized foundation engineering. And the resources segment is a service provider in the fields of drilling, water wells, environmental systems, constructed wetlands, mining, and rehabilitation.

Bauer is a very special type of hidden champion. Over its 230-year history the company has constantly acquired new markets and responded successfully to change. “A readiness for change is part of our genetic makeup,” says Professor Sebastian Bauer, member of the owning family who directs research and development for BAUER Maschinen GmbH. The entire BAUER Group needs this ability too, as its customer structure is extremely heterogeneous. As Bauer observes, “Each customer is different, each construction site poses special challenges, and each country has its own soil and transport conditions. Maximum depth will be important in one country, drilling power in another, and transport weight will be the crucial sales criterion in yet another.” That is one reason why each of the approximately 200 large-scale pieces of machinery the company produces annually is unique.

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