David Romanowski

Dammtorstraße 12

20354 Hamburg


Dr. David Romanowski is Senior Partner and co-lead of trans-industry practice operations at Porsche Consulting. He has years of experience in helping international clients transform their companies to increase profitability and growth. In addition to strategic reorientation and reorganization, his priorities include result programs to safeguard transformations. Of special importance to him is that these processes focus on people. His approach is to inspire clients with functional as well as cross-functional solutions and thereby achieve sustainable competitive advantages. He has concentrated on the automotive industry over recent years, in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments. 

Dr. Romanowski is a qualified industrial engineer and holds a Master of Business with a specialty in international business. He earned a doctorate with research on coopetition—the combination of cooperation and competition—in intra-organizational production networks. In recent years he has been working intensively on the Chinese market and supporting international expansion in China’s automotive sector.


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