Hydrogen—Fuel of the Future?

Expectations are high and the technologies are proven—is the hydrogen economy about to take off?

24.04.2020 | Porsche Consulting – The Magazine

Fast-forward to the year 2030. The coronavirus pandemic is history and the economy has recovered but many things have changed. For one, the focus is now on sustainability. And the chemical element with atomic number 1—hydrogen—has a set place in the energy mix of many countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It features prominently in transport, industry, and building services, and plays indispensable roles in storage systems for green energy and as a clean fuel for public transportation. The technology was long in coming, with H2 only beginning its triumphal march a decade ago.

Back to the present. The signs are increasing that this vision is becoming reality. In 2020, the European Union and Germany presented their hydrogen road maps along with funding for the coming decade. And the number of use cases for efficient hydrogen energy is increasing, particularly in industry and transport.

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