Digital products every 90 days

Thanks to its digital product organization, Porsche is getting innovative products to its customers even faster. And inspiring their own employees at the same time.


The project at a glance


Porsche is transforming itself into a provider of digital mobility solutions. The development of software-based products has to be continuous, cost-effective, and customer-focused.


The digital strategy is making IT at Porsche ready for the future. The digital product organization structures the collaboration of thousands of developers across corporate boundaries.


Porsche launches new digital products every three months. Development time has decreased, while productivity and customer satisfaction have increased. This also helps to attract new talent.  


New digital products every three months

Speed, reliability, and high quality — Porsche customer's demand the best. Naturally, the same applies to digital products. The transformation of Porsche to the leading provider of digital mobility solutions has long since begun. Initially, however, many digital initiatives were isolated without an overarching program. Efficiency and speed are critical for keeping up with ever-changing customer needs and the competition. The need to attract IT professionals and the increasing complexity of the digital sector also required a fundamentally new structure. Porsche was supported in this task by its subsidiary Porsche Consulting.

"With Porsche Consulting, we have successfully introduced an agile, digital product organization. The agile way of working enables us to implement new digital solutions even faster."
Mattias Ulbrich
Porsche AG
Mattias Ulbrich, CIO Porsche AG


Thousands of talents, one big family

The Porsche consultants began with a dedicated digital strategy and also accompanied the implementation. For this, Porsche created the #DigitalFamily, with more than 2,500 members now working in cross-functional teams on digital products — at 14 major innovation sites including Palo Alto, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Zagreb, and Berlin. And it transcends company boundaries, since employees of MHP and Porsche Digital are part of it as well. The Porsche digital family thus ensures that all its members pursue uniform goals, and that it is attractive to talent. And the family is set for further growth.

90 days

is the Porsche "takt” for digital products.


Uniform principles of cooperation

All around the world, the digital family uses uniform methods, principles, processes, and roles. This ensures that it develops the best possible solutions for Porsche customers and brings them to market maturity in less than three months — the Porsche "takt” (cycle). The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the basis for collaboration within the family. Porsche CIO Mattias Ulbrich can see the results just by looking at the faces of the family members: “In our teams, it doesn't matter whether someone comes from research and development or from sales — we all have the clear goal of working together to make Porsche and our digital products and solutions better, in order to inspire people. Seeing their eyes light up is contagious, and always a special moment.”


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