Before the Battery Boom

Korean battery cell manufacturer LG Energy Solution is gearing up for the growing demand for electric vehicles. Porsche Consulting is assisting in the process.


The project at a glance


A gigantic factory, built for the foreseeable boom in car batteries. When demand ramps up, the processes have to run like clockwork.                


Porsche Consulting knows the ropes when it comes to processes. For LG Energy Solution, the consultants optimize the maintenance division.                                                         


The ideas for better maintenance make an impact. And the client was delighted with over 14 percent higher production capacities.


The Plant and the Task: Simply Gigantic

In Poland, the Korean company LG Energy Solution has built the largest European production facility for lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. The plant is simply gigantic – four times larger than Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in the US. But when there are more than 50 production lines for battery cells and complete batteries for European vehicle manufacturers being built, gigantic amounts of homework also pile up. Once the expected battery boom is in full swing, the processes have to run like clockwork. And at the same time be variable to absorb rapidly changing conditions. Porsche Consulting knows how it’s done. 

"We don’t just want to supply batteries for electric vehicles, we want to build the green factory of the future."
Kyong Deuk Jeong
Former CEO
LG Energy Solution Wrocław


Optimal Use of Capacity

When battery production shifts into high gear, the quality of the output must not be compromised. That’s why Porsche Consulting developed an optimized maintenance system for LG Energy Solution that harmonizes organization, planning, operational measures and spare parts management. An in-depth analysis showed that this concept to make better use of the machines would not require adding more capacity. 


increase in production thanks to the optimized maintenance concept from Porsche Consulting


Made-to-Measure Maintenance

The consultants’ customized concept for optimizing the maintenance of the production lines was a success; the improvement measures took hold. “With Porsche Consulting’s maintenance concept, we were able to increase production by 14 percent,” says Kyong Deuk Jeong, President of LG Chem Wrocław Energy.


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Carsten Kahrs
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