Porsche makes emotions measurable

Porsche uses innovative metrics to link levels of customer satisfaction with details about their respective contexts. And thereby gain valuable insights into specific opportunities for improvement.


The project at a glance


Porsche customers have high expectations for their cars and the entire brand experience. Thus far, customer satisfaction metrics have offered little scope or guidance for ways to improve.


To gain full transparency about driver feedback in different situations, the company has been working with Porsche Consulting to develop a new measurement concept.


The customer excitement score is a more precise, emotion- and action-based measurement than previous metrics. It combines input with data from the respective customer journey. Evaluation is supported by AI.


Not just satisfaction — but excitement!

If you want to generate excitement, you can’t limit your measurements to satisfaction. 
Porsche tries to exceed the already high expectations of its customers. Moreover, constantly striving for improvement is part of the genetic makeup of the sports carmaker from Stuttgart. This requires one thing above all: transparency. However, previous metrics have fallen short here. The net promoter score (NPS), for example, compiles annual answers to the very general question of whether customers would recommend a brand to friends and family — without recording whether they have just fueled their car or had individual highlights like clocking their best lap time ever at a training course. Expectations can be specific to certain situations. Sometimes a quick, uncomplicated response might be expected, whereas other situations might be dominated by a very emotional experience. 


contact points along the customer journey offer the chance to regularly measure levels of excitement.


New measure of all things

Porsche worked with brand experts from Porsche Consulting to develop an innovative metric for customer excitement. In doing so, it uses the full spectrum of modern technical possibilities. Each Porsche driver has a customer ID that lets them book services, for instance via an app. The customer excitement score builds on this and uses an array of contact points to survey excitement. A quick and simple set of queries combined with open questions yield valuable insights into Porsche customers’ feelings at those moments. Of note is that the responses are linked with data from the respective situations — such as a service just used — and are therefore all the more instructive.

"In close collaboration with Porsche Consulting, we developed the Customer Excitement Score, had it protected under trademark law and measurably increased our customer satisfaction."
Dr. Martin Einhorn
Director Customer Insights
Porsche AG
Dr. Martin Einhorn


Taking the pulse of Porsche satisfaction

Porsche systematically collects data on emotional bonds between the brand and customer experience — above and beyond situations like the day of purchase and service appointments. How do customers feel in the first moments with their car? What are the digital touchpoints like? How successful was their charging experience? The customer journey is replete with exciting points that Porsche uses to “take the pulse” of its drivers, and to link their responses with actual experiences — multiple times a year. More extensive responses and comments are automatically assigned to the right topic cluster and swiftly processed with the help of artificial intelligence. Members of the Quality, Customer Experience Management, Customer Insights, and Development departments work together to draw the right conclusions and turn satisfaction into excitement.


Consulting that works

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